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Gehirn Kopfschmerzen

Keep a Mobile Headache Diary

Step 1: M-sense documents your trigger factors, attacks, and medication

Trigger factors for migraine attacks or other forms of headache vary from person to person. Use the diary to document possible trigger factors, such as sleep patterns, stress, alcohol, caffeine, menstruation, diet, and exercise habits. M-sense automatically analyses the weather. You record your attacks. The migraine calendar provides you with an accurate overview. With the medication tracker, you can keep track of your intake of medication. 

Headache Diary
Gehirn Analyse

Discover Your Individual Trigger Factors

Step 2: M-sense helps you find the causes of your attacks. 

M-sense closely analyses your headache diary and creates a statistical evaluation of your trigger factors, helping you discover your personal headache patterns. What is a supposed trigger? What is an actual trigger? Do the triggers influence what type of headache you have? Do your attacks start at specific times of the day or specific days in the week?

Discover your individual Trigger Factors
Gehirn Therapie

Actively Influence Your Headaches

Step 3: M-sense helps you prevent regular migraine attacks

Once you have found out more about the form and causes of your headaches, M-sense suggests an individually tailored treatment plan. You can then start treatment methods with M-sense, which are in accordance with current medical guidelines, such as the Jacobson muscle relaxation technique. All methods are personally planned and prepared for you and available at all times on your smartphone or tablet.

Migraine Therapy